I’ve been really fortunate that wonderful figure skating people have started sending me books to review. Because they are so kind to make the effort to forward them my way, I’ve decided to start a review section where I can share my thoughts. I’m not a professional writer by any means, so I can only aspire to do justice to each review. I hope to add to this more and more in the future, and even add some older skating books that I’m read and that are in my collection. Authors: I don’t have a ton of time, so apologies up front if I don’t get a review done really quickly!

Book Review: France Dafoe’s”Figure Skating and the Arts: Eight Centuries of Sport and Inspiration” 2011

Book Review: Pj Kwong’s “Taking the Ice: Success Stories From the World of Canadian Figure Skating” 2010

Book Review: Lucinda Ruh’s “Frozen Teardrop: the Tragedy and Triumph of Figure Skating’s Queen of Spin” 2011

Book Review: Kelli Lawrence’s “Skating On Air: THe Broadcast History of an Olympic Marquee Sport” 2011

Book Review: Andy Schell’s “Flying Camels and Tiger Mothers” 2012

Book Review: Christie Sausa’s “Lake Placid Figure Skating: A History” 2012

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